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Swift traps
In the Buried City, everyone will meet many dangers. One of them is a traps.
They have two basic features: they are SWIFT and they are deadly.
Traps in the Buried city is extremely diverse, but most inexperienced adventurers end up on the most primitive.
In order to avoid this requires careful attention to detail, like cracks in the walls and exposed floor slabs. One of the best solutions is to hire an experienced thief — these guys are usually well versed in this kind of... obstacles.
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Divided group
During the journey through the streets of the Buried City there can happen
a lot of surprises. Monsters, traps, landslips...
Often you must to act quickly and make unusual decisions, just to stay alive. But what exactly you should not to do — is to split up your group.
Even, if at some moment you think that it may be the best solution...
this is not so. Many of the inhabitants of these ancient places with the help
of cunning and spells will try to divide you... and you will become their easy prey. Even if you have got quarreled — first you must get out on the surface and then you can go on all four sides, but in any case do not separate on the trails of the Buried City. It has led to the deaths of countless number of heroes and villains.

The poison of greed
In the depths of the Buried City you can stumble upon hundreds of deadly poisons. From intricate traps to poisoned fangs and claws of the ancient inhabitants of the depths. But one of the most terrible poisons that can be found is the poison of greed. It can kill you in many different ways — from undetected traps in the form of a treasure hunt to the dagger in the back from the satellites, which do not want to share with you newfound wealth.
Remember, no matter what you can found in the depths, if you not able to bear it out...

Underwater encounters
The winding paths of the Buried City throw a lot of challenges to those who dare to explore them. For example, some areas of the catacombs could become not only underground, but also underwater! This makes searching inside them is extremely difficult. So you should be sure that you have the gear or spells to overcome such obstacles. Also, it is important to remember that water depth can be filled with their inhabitants. There you can find from the undead to quite alive and quite hungry creatures...
Enter to world of the Buried city
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Long journey
When you decide to explore the depths of the Buried City, in the first place there are two things about it is important to remember. The first — it will be a long, hard, exhausting adventure. Very long. And you will never know when it will go to end. And you should prepare for it carefully. The second — you always will be accompanied by one more companion — Death. It is rare when meetings end peacefully in the depths of the Buried City. And the satellite always receives his part of the loot, because you must take someone's life, or the dungeon will take your...

Trusty sword
The depth of the Buried City hold many treasures! And of course among them there are many enchanted weapons. But going into the depths, grab your trusty sword. No matter how you well you wield a sword. A good weapon from the surface is what you can rely on in times of danger. As the city is insidious and found there the blade can break at the most inopportune moment or at all to be under a curse! So keep a good blade and your path will be much easier and longer.

Don't be shy to ask for help
To meddle in dark dungeons alone — madness! Better to enlist the support of other experienced warriors, healers or mages. No one can foresee the difficulties and dangers that await you on the way. The worst thing in the depths of the city is to be left alone... Even the villains always surround themselves with hordes of minions and monsters get in packs... So don't be shy to bring friends or hire experienced mercenaries!

Crooked hands
Many young adventurers think that the most difficult is to survive in the Buried City and find the treasure. But in fact, to return from there alive and with the treasures — task is not less difficult. There are a lot of bands who found it more profitable to collect treasures from successful adventurers,
not to tempt fate in the depths of the dungeons. The worst gang, hunted robbery is called «Crooked hands». This is a different kind of bandits and robbers, tangled in a gang and rob the exhausted adventurers on the way back.
At one time they became so numerous that the name has become a byword for all the bandits. But once they attempted to rob a group of wizards and this «meeting» greatly diminished the number of gang members... But to be ready for battle even when you got to the surface, a very important rule, which you should not forget!

The Flail of Screech
Going on an expedition, it is very important to be aware of this aspect as cursed items. One of the best examples of these things that Flail of Screech or even known among adventurers as the Flail of Fail. It is quite a powerful magic weapon can often can be found in completely unprotected areas. But this weapon has one feature, it's unpredictable publishes heartbreaking-pitched screeches. And these sounds can attract much attention of the inhabitants of the Buried City. Many inexperienced adventurers were ruined because of this weapon. By the way, all attempts to carry him out of the city were not successful. Flail mysteriously disappeared and reappeared in the city. So be careful with things found in your adventures!

Gigantic golems
One of the hazards which you might meet in the depths is a Gigantic security Golem. Some of the districts used them for defensive purposes. For example districts of necromancers and engineers. Many wealthy houses have used such creatures to protect their vaults. To defeat such a guard — extremely problematic, as they are huge, extremely powerful and slightly vulnerable to magic. So faced with such a creation, think three times, whether the cost of that treasure which he guards.

I think one of the most important skills for an adventurer is the ability to understand the point when it's time to RETREAT! Not all battles to win, sometimes it's pure suicide! Better to retreat and return better prepared. Also, it is important to remember that you or someone from your group might not withstand the strain and took to their heels, so be prepared for this turn of events. So, even if you are very strong, sometimes there are situations when you just need to RUN! ... for example, you met a Gigantic golem...

Shattered equipment
Another important point which is often overlooked by going to the Buried City is the spare gear. Many adventurers will forever remain in the damp halls due to the fact that they did not have a spare sword, shield or staff. Situations in which your primary equipment may be lost or shattered countless! Therefore, experienced adventurers take two or even three sets of weapons and most important parts of the equipment. Good preparation is half the battle!

Parasites teeming areas
One of the dangers of going into the depths that is often underestimated is diseases and parasites. But what is even more dangerous is the cult of one of the dark gods, which favors the decay and wild necromancy. Its main followers are NAGASHI'TI, a race of serpent men. Now they turned into undead and become even more dangerous and powerful necromancers. One Nagashi'ti touch and your body will be swarming with parasites that will eat you from the inside. But what's even worse, Nagashi'ti are using vermins to spread various diseases throughout the dungeon, poisoning the water, soil and inhabitants. Therefore, areas which are teeming with parasites — are better to avoid!

Fierce rituals
The ruins and halls of the Buried City attract not only bold adventurers, but also many others. For example, many forbidden cults spend here their fierce rituals. And since these places are still filled with the magical energies, these cults can very quickly gain momentum and become quite numerous. Sometimes adventurers are hired to destroy some cult that gained enough strength and began to attack nearby villages, looting and kidnapping people... So, going down, be prepared to meet not only dead, but quite alive and thirsting for your blood and belongings.

Mysterious wanderer
Some young adventurers having heard tales about the mysterious wanderer, and they think that they can safely go into the depths of the Buried city, and if something goes wrong the wanderer will come to their aid. But many remember only the good stories where he saved the adventurers or researchers from certain death, but about those few notes that he killed several adventurers who have done something wrong (in his opinion), all prefer to forget. The person or entity is still unknown. Some people think he lives there, although it's crazy! Also there is the assumption that the spirit was one of the founders of the city or even the city itself, but it sounds very improbable.

Fat Zogres
In our world, there are many unusual creatures. And one of them is demons. But today we will talk not about them, but about what will happen if magically combine the demon with any other creature. I do not know who could come up with such a crazy idea but as a result a lot of terrible creatures. For example Zogres or fat Zogres — a mixture of an ogre with a demon. This being even more dangerous than ogres because by eating flesh, they very quickly increase in size. So if you happen to come across with this creature in the depths of the City, it is better not to allow it to lightly armored members of the group. Because, if in the battle, zogre bite a piece of someone from your team or from his entourage (often they are surrounded by smaller creatures, such as goblins), it does not only quickly will heal their wounds, but it will become stronger! So if you really decide to fight zogre and his entourage try to kill a zogre first!

Graceful solutions
In the depths of the Buried City, you will face many very difficult situations. And not always the smartest decision is to use force or to fight. There's always room for more graceful solutions. For example, the potion of invisibility can help sneak past a very strong opponent, the lockpick will open the right door, sometimes even easier using a pickaxe to open a blocked passage than to face a crowd of monsters. And magic gives you infinite solutions for solving many problems. So do not skimp on good equipment, especially on the potions, wands, and scrolls since you can use even if you are a not a mage!

Filthy Knoblins
Another type of creatures you might encounter in the depths of the City is Knoblins. Yes, they have a relationship with the goblins. But one of the crazy mages thought to «improve» them magically, to get more intelligent servants. Oh, it is good that they are not mixed with the demons. But the goblins are very evil by nature and becoming smarter — they do not become kinder, but, on the contrary became even more filthy! The problem is that they, unlike goblins will not pounce on you the whole crowd — they will build a cunning trap, to lure you into an ambush, to do so that the advantage was on their side! And Yes, they will use magic and magic items! Sure, the first magical things they took from the body of the mad wizard who created them! Well, we face another deadly danger...

Halls covered by clouds
One of the biggest dangers, down there, is a loss of caution. Young warriors and mages can be so inspired by the victory in a couple of skirmishes with the undead, literally, throw at the next enemy. But the City is very dangerous. Maybe because of groundwater or felts of magic, the town has many rooms and caves are filled with different densities of fog and clouds. And if you rashly engaged in battle with a next weak opponent, you can not notice, much more dangerous one — because of the fog. So, in areas with low visibility, you need to be a much more thorough exploration and be very careful! Not to mention the fact that the fog may be poisonous...

Darkest deep
Everyone knows that now the whole City is a huge dungeon. But the fact that at the time of its glory under the City was a vast network of sewers and catacombs already forgotten. In those days, some Districts are sometimes dumped into the sewer... the results of failed experiments. Some of them survived. It was also aware of several cults hiding in the catacombs under the City, a practitioner of science is so dark that even in the city, open to all ideas, they were rejected. So in the days before the burial, the Sewerage system of the city was not a safe place. What happened thereafter the curse, is not known to anyone. But the legends say that in the darkest depths of the City, the characters are faced with such horrors that only those who carry in his heart light and hope to survive in the battle with them.

Furious undead
One of the common misconceptions about the undead is that it is slow and clumsy. This delusion has destroyed many adventurers. You, my dear readers, must remember that the resurrected undead retains most of the skills the creature had before death, including the ability to conjure. In addition, the undead have no fatigue and fear — that making dead very dangerous opponents. Strength and speed of undead will fade over the years — when their bodies and bones begin to crumble into dust. But a skilled necromancer or a warlock can sustain the power and durability they resurrected beings for many years. Therefore, when you engaging in battle with the undead — be prepared to violent attacks and full of speed jerks!

Trail of glory — trail of death
The path through the depths of the Buried City is the trail of glory, glory and death. In embarking on this path you must remember — you will not return. Your body might come back, but you, you will change. You will be quite different. This path of victories and death changes everyone. No matter whether you go for the first time or you're a seasoned adventurer — each descent is not similar to another and each time the City will look for your weaknesses. And if the City will find it — you will die. This is something that should must remember everyone who enters the path into the depths of the City...

Forget about juicy food
Another difficulty, which may seem insignificant for the new to dungeons is a paucity of field rations. Your a strong warrior can carry a lot of succulent food? But the smell can attract the denizens of the deep! Your magician, can conjure wine and juicy food? If he will remain strength after debilitating battles and transitions. Dry meat, bread, nuts, and honey are probably your diet for a long time. You're lucky if you don't have to eat the meat of local animals or rats. It's tasteless and unsafe. Therefore, before you travel — eat plenty, feast!

The blind opponents
Often, young adventurers, underestimate any «blind» opponents. No matter who they face, Forged brutals, Ismazes, just eyeless undeads or something. But I hasten to warn you, my dear reader, that the absence of the usual organs of sight, does not make them less deadly opponents! A blind creature in the City, able to smell, hear or feel you, no worse than you see them. Therefore, to think that the battle with the enemy without eyes easier than others — an unforgivable mistake.

Sky ships
Few adventurers imagine the true scale of the City down there. It was a huge majestic city! In addition to the many great and small quarters, was the Port. He combines the two ports, water and air. Nowadays airships are one of the most complex and expensive mechanisms, but in the City, in its heyday, there were many flying ships. Moreover, many of the houses, and influential residents had their own small ships to move through districts of the City! So if you manage to find such a device in working condition, you will be able to explore the city, completely different! And if you can deliver the device to the surface, then you will become rich! Oh how I'd love to sail on this ship over the city in its best days...

Pay attention to any squeak!
During exploration of the depths of the City, very important — to be attentive to detail! Pay attention to the subtle details, the sounds, and strangeness. Believe me, in time heard squeaking Corpse Eater or the creaking of the armor of a Death Knight — can save your life! I would recommend bringing into the group someone with a very good perception, for example, elf or dwarf. Elves possess a unique perception, and the dwarves are very well oriented under the ground and are able to distinguish a lot of details in very low light. Such companions can greatly affect the success of your expedition!

Prepare for climbing, for a lot of climbing!
You are already aware of the fact that the City in which you are heading — it is buried under a huge layer of the earth that fell from the sky. But you may not have guessed that the entrances to the city, which was opened half a century later, it's the windows and balconies of the tallest towers in the city. So you, in fact, will move the city from top to bottom. So very often you have to find a way to come down if the stairs down were not preserved. You should have all sorts of adaptations for climbing, and if you have a mage, scrolls with spells of flight and levitation. Sometimes you'll climb more than walk!

If you are about to fall — take those bastards with ya'!
Of course, all go to the Buried City for wealth, fame and knowledge. And no one wants to die by the trap, or monster-hands. But many will fall. And often, because of the cowardice of those who were near them. Sometimes someone needs to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, but not many are ready for such a sacrifice. And it's hard to judge them... But if such a dark hour will come to you, if you realize that you exactly will fall... take as many of those bastards with ya', as you can! ... So these dark halls will be at least a bit quieter and lighter...

You never know, who you will need to unite with!
Although the Buried City — a very dangerous place, even there you can find friends! And I'm not just talking about your party members with whom you could become real friends! Underground halls full of surprises! You may need to join forces with those who, a minute ago I was your enemy! Or you can help someone who was your goal... I came to mind the amusing story about the paladin and his friend the huge death knight! Imagine — the paladin and the death knight! That was something! After another battle, it was possible to see a huge towering dark figure of a knight of death, studded with spears and arrows like a hedgehog, and a number of the gray-haired paladin, bathed in the radiance of the light... the way they were enemies at first, as supposed. The paladin wanted to put this undead to rest, but... but that's another story! In general, you never know who you will need to unite with!

You never know what will be found
Everyone going on a adventure, believes in the best, but the worst you should also be prepared. Because you never know what will be found down there, eternal glory or eternal peace... The City hides many treasures, artifacts, and knowledge, but it's dangerous, extremely dangerous. So, going down, put aside your dreams and fears, because this adventure may last in your life, so appreciate every minute you have. And then, perhaps, you will find yourself.

Never trust a mask
The depth of the Buried city inhabits countless creatures. Reasonable and insane, good and evil, civilized and wild, living and dead... And some of them will try to hide his identity behind a mask. Beautiful, frightening, obscure, militant a lot of them. But don't trust quickly someone whose true face is hidden. And you might think that I'm saying obvious things, but many were deceived by the masks in these depths. To share the camp with a stranger who suddenly helped you in the previous battle — what could be more natural. But it could be a trap and you will have a quick death or a much more difficult battle. So my advice to you, even if the creature looks noble or harmless — do not trust if his face is hidden by a mask.
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