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The poisonous sprout
Like a weed falling into the garden, necromancy kills all life. Not only the living and the dead suffer from this magic, the earth itself dies drying and covered with a poisonous fog. Usually the first manifestations of necromancy in new lands are weak and timid, as well as the first sprouts of weeds in the garden, their presence can be almost imperceptible. But, if the gardener procrastinates, the consequences will be inevitable and terrible. I call on those who follow in my footsteps — be diligent gardeners, doctors of their lands, be vigilant and do not let this infection poison our world, look for its smallest sprouts and eradicate!"
— from the speech of the First Hunter Tadeus Irey to the neophytes on the square of Kerin. 170 year after the Day of Wrath of Heaven.

Tranquil silence
Silence is that which should surround the dead. Having completed their journey on this earth, they retired, closing the ring of being. Nothing should violate it, and moreover nothing should interfere in the cycle of life and death. And it is your sacred duty to keep this rest or bring it back to those whose rest was disturbed by the necromancer's insane will."
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps"

Roasted Mind
There is nothing more frightening and at the same time more sad than the dead man raised from his grave by someone's dark ritual. Especially dangerous is the restless undead that was abandoned by their dark masters. They wander in search of victims, led not by the dark will of the necromancer, but by chance. An empty, already soulless body is filled only with suffering and eternal, painful and insatiable hunger. They, mind and soul was roasted by dark magic, have only one desire — to search for the living and to kill. And every day this madness only grows stronger." ⠀
— Kyera Farh. "Faces and ongoings of darkness"

Dark spells
To our great regret, necromancy also has an effect on the living. Using dark spells or artifacts, the caster allows dark energies to pass through themselves. And this gradually undermines the health, both of his body and mind. These energies can distort the soul and flesh. Most spellcasters, pretty quickly, become insane, and their bodies begin to decompose. There are legends that in the city, which is now called the Buried, they studied necromancy as a science and did good deeds with its help ... But I am sure that this is only fiction and nonsense of the insane. Dark spells carry only insanity, death and decay."
— Kyera Farh. "Faces and ongoings of darkness"

Faces of spoilage
Necromancy distorts and turns all living things into its weapon. Even ordinary birds can be turned into dangerous weapons. At first glance, harmless, they spread the plague and disease, ruining and infecting crops with spoilage. A small flock of such birds infected by a necromancer, can bring more deaths than a crowd of zombies raised from a rural churchyard. Be vigilant, because dark magic can appear in the most unexpected forms. Ailing tramp, scrubby yard dog, or even a strange-looking domestic chicken — can hiding a deadly plague behind a simple sickness!"
— Kyera Farh. "Faces and ongoings of darkness"
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Drooling poison
One of the monstrous creatures that can wait for you on your way is the Strigoi. These creatures were once human beings, but completely distraught by necromancy and beginning to feed on corpses. Their mind became similar to the predator's mind, and their bodies are strong and dexterous. But fear not only this! Their main weapon is a deadly poison drooling from mouth and claws. It seems that their very body is impregnated with it and appears through the pale skin. When you meet with this opponent, be extremely careful."
— Bertrand Naivera. Treatise "Survivor in Darkness"

Exhausted lands
Most often magic creates only short-term effect. But to our great sorrow, necromancy is not. And many of the lands is a proof for it: castles and villages, former habitats of dark cultists, even after many years bear the traces of decay. The land, tormented by dark rituals and rites, is no longer able to yield a harvest and is more like a grave decay than fertile soil. The forests are empty and resemble a skeleton with white bones. And the rivers are stinking and poisonous."
— Kyera Farh. "Faces and ongoings of darkness"

Morning star
The morning stars are a sign of hope, messengers of the fact that the dawn is near, and the surrounding darkness is about to retreat. Our weapons are not accidentally called the morning stars-it is a symbol of the dawn and the expulsion of darkness from our lands. Believe in yourself and carry this weapon with honor, you and your weapon are dawn. Together, you will disperse the darkness, throw it back, forcing it to retreat again and again until you eradicate it in our world. You are the dawn that brings the joy of life, gives hope and frees the hearts from fear!"
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps"

A precious gift
I've seen a lot in my life. Terrible things. I've seen thousands of starving people, the cities suffering with the diseases, herds of animals beating in agony. I saw whole fields littered with the bodies of the fallen. Crying mothers over the graves of their children. But it did not break my spirit, on the contrary — it gave me the strength to stand up again and again and protect people from the dark forces. Because the life of the living and the rest of the dead is the most precious gift this world has given to us. And you, continuing my path, must to always remember this. You protect their lives and protect their peace in the afterlife. Be proud of it for you stand on guard over the most precious treasures of this world!"
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps"

The flowing of life
Often I asked myself: what is the most beautiful thing in this world? And one day I found the answer. The most beautiful thing is the cycle of life and death. When we are born, we give joy and hope. When we grow up a little, we find our hopes, small joys and big goals. So, we live our lives and leave, giving way to new lives, new dreams and goals. Just the thought that someone's dark will can break this cycle, horrified me. Then, I understood and obtain my goal — I will protect this flowing, I will become its guardian. And I am faithful to this idea all my life, and now I can pass on my knowledge to you. I truly believe that when my time comes, the flow of the river of life will remain under the watchful eye of its new guardians — you!"
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps"

The cruelty of a mad mind
Having seen the horrors of war, it seemed to me that I had learned all about cruelty. How deeply I was wrong then! I have seen many terrible and painful deaths. But I was not ready for what I had to see on my way as undeadhunter. Crazy with power, or reducible crazy by dark artifacts, necromancers have turned whole villages in their laboratories. Crazy and cruel anatomical theatre, where victims were all those who had not fled. They spare no one, any living being — only the material for the next mad experiment."
— Bertrand Naivera. Treatise "Survivor in Darkness"

Dark "whales"
I am often reproached that my hunting is too zealous. I have spared neither myself nor my brethren in the search of manifestations of necromancy in this world. For I know that if we leave them alone even for a short time, the world will tremble with the horrors that their minds can produce. Personally I watched, as the necromancer was defended by enormous necrotic Leviathan. Horror pierced me when I realized that the huge monster was nothing more than dozens of creatures gathered and fused together. Among them were even children ... my children. At that moment I swore to myself that I would not cease my hunt for a moment until the last madman fell. Or my powers won't leave me."
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps."

Under eternal guard
Every time you look back and ask yourself: Why all this, why all this endless pursuit, why the hardships and hardships of the way? The eternal danger I put myself in? I'm asking you to look around. Look at the people: they sow and gather, graze cattle, catch fish. They all heard about crazy dark wizards. They scare their disobedient children with these stories. But do they believe it can touch them? No. Will they be able to protect themselves? No. Not ready for the horrors they may face, they don't even realize how thin that boundary is that separates them from these horrors. But as long as this border is in our custody, under your protection, they're safe. We are that boundary! Each of us is a thin, but strong link of the invisible chain mail which is reliably covering their houses and lives!"
— Bertrand Naivera. Treatise "Survivor in Darkness"

The gift of the last hour
Perhaps the moment will come, and you will understand — your time is coming to an end. The strongest and luckiest of us will catch themselves on this thought in a great old age, far from roads and battles. But many will understand it much earlier. Surrounded by enemies, or mortally wounded, perhaps, faced with an enemy that stronger than you. Remember the last gift you can give to this world. The «Vial of Sunset» that you wear deep under your clothes will help you. But remember the main thing — if you use it, there will be no turning back. You will become the one with whom you fought all your life. But you will keep the gift of mind. Your hours will be numbered, but you will have that time. The time for which your opponent will fall and your victory will be your last gift to this world."
— Tadeus Irey. The first hunter. "Covenants to those who follow in my footsteps."

Weak will
Weakness of the will is the most terrible enemy. He will not show himself immediately, he will betray at the darkest hour. Encountering, over and over again, with the horrors of dark magic face to face — you must hardening your will. Unfortunately, among us, there are always those who are inferior in this battle. Someone was flattered by the promises of eternal life. Someone for fear of death. Someone went crazy. The cause of their action is not important, it will not atone for the bitterness of betrayal! Turning to the other side of this battle, they passed judgment on themselves. Beware of them — this is a strong adversary because he knows everything about you. But do not be afraid, for their hearts and will are weak, they know that the light is on our side! And the traitor will bear the deserved punishment!"
— Kyera Farh. "Faces and ongoings of darkness"

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